Platinum is rare.  Ten tons of platinum ore is required to process a single ounce of pure platinum.    Platinum is very dense-60% more dense than Gold.  A piece of jewelry made of Platinum is considerably heavier and stronger than its counterpart in Gold, therefore more expensive due to its bulk weight alone.    The most important consideration is the labor factor in producing a finely finished piece of Platinum jewelry.  Due to its density and unique working properties, it requires a highly skilled craftsman to create a quality piece of Platinum jewelry.   The working environment must be absolutely pristine and free of other metal contaminants-requiring the Platinumsmith to maintain a separate set of tools exclusively devoted to Platinum jewelry.   

Gold and White Gold
Use your  "lifestyle" as the comparison for your choice between 14k gold and 18k gold.  If you plan on leaving your rings on for activities outside your workplace or home, then here is what I recommend.   If your profession calls for working with your hands or if you lead an active lifestyle like working out, outdoor activities, sports, bike riding, gardening etc, then I recommend 14k Gold.  If you are going to remove your rings when working with your hands, go with 18k Gold.  When in doubt, choose 14k Gold.
Before you decide on a yellow or white gold ring remember that, the hardness of the gold depends on the karatage and not whether it is white or yellow gold. This means that a 14k white gold ring will be as hard and strong as a similar ring made in 14k yellow gold. This of course applies to 18k white gold rings too. However, there is one important thing that you should know about the karatage of gold. A 14k white gold ring would be harder than an 18k white gold ring. This is because 14k gold is harder than 18k gold, this is also relevant to white and yellow gold,. for men's rings, 14k gold should be the preferred choice

Is the cheaper alternative but is very soft.  For making Fraser Life-rings it is advisable to use either platinum or 14k gold or 14k white gold unless you wear your ring occasionally then silver is ok but still not as long lasting as Platinum or gold

Wear and tear:
Scratches on hand worn Platinum or Gold jewellery, does not refer to large eye visible scratch marks.  Instead it refers to hundreds of “micro-scratches”, no one of them visible to the eye, but in combination over time, all jewellery worn on the hand will eventually be covered in small “micro-scratches”, which will give a dull appearance.   
 Platinum, which is slightly more malleable, but more dense than Gold, will take on a frosted appearance.  Platinum does not micro-scratch the same as Gold, but actually “furrows” instead.  The furrowing effect pushes metal to the sides instead of removing material.     On the other hand, when Gold is micro-scratched, the Gold metal is actually removed.  Sometimes these micro scratches can leave white gold looking a bit yellowish.


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